21 Things I’ve Learned You Can Control

21 Things I’ve Learned You Can Control


I recently turned 21! I cannot believe I am already 21, but I also feel like I have grown and changed so much from 20. Sometimes it feels like we cannot control anything in our life, but one of the best things I have learned is that we can. Here are 21 things you can control in your own life.

  1. What you eat
  2. What you think
  3. What you feel
  4. What you say
  5. Your motivation
  6. Who you give energy to
  7. What your priorities are
  8. How you treat your body
  9. How you treat others
  10. Music you listen to
  11. How much you sleep
  12. How you move your body
  13. Who you hangout with
  14. How you spend extra time
  15. Where you go in life
  16. How you dress
  17. How you decorate your body
  18. How clean your area is
  19. What smells you surround yourself with
  20. Who you give love to
Saying Goodbye to 2017…

Saying Goodbye to 2017…

saying good

As we begin to wrap up the year of 2017, I think it is a good time to look back on it. Every year offers lessons taught through trial and error. The pitfalls of our lives make us who we are. I have been reading through Twitter and many people feel like 2017 was a terrible year. Bad things did happen, and trimatic events shook our nation. But throughout these events, we have begun to grow together and appreciate each other. The world may look on fire to some, but remember, a star is a burning ball of gas but beautiful still.


2017 for me was a growing year. It started out with a breakup from a relationship that had taken up multiple years of my life. This relationship taught me a lot, but the breakup taught me more. It gave me a chance to acquaint myself with who I was and who I wanted to be. In 2017 I ended my second year of college and started my third. I changed my major and found a new home. All these things were growing points for me, but I know that 2018 has even more to offer. Thinking back on 2017, I made so many new friends and lost some too. But I’ve learned that sometimes we have to let people go so we can make room for someone else.


Going into a new year, many people make resolutions about change. They make resolutions about starting new hobbies and tasks. I find that this tends to be unrealistic, instead focus on what you’re already doing and how you can improve. Starting all new things can be overwhelming, but small steps and shifts can be easier to manage. Look at the new year as a new chapter, full of all kinds of unknown adventures.