Is Meditation Worth The Hype?

Is Meditation Worth The Hype?

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Have you ever heard the phrase “clear your head” and thought to yourself “how the heck am I suppose to do that?” I always heard about meditation but I couldn’t really understand the concept. How could sitting in silence for 10 minutes really help that much?

My dad started meditating a year ago and he does it every morning for an hour. He told me that it has completely changed his mood and productivity throughout the day. So I thought “well what the heck, I’ll try it.” So I downloaded the Headspace app and started with just 10 minutes every morning for a week. The starting exercises are just listening to your breathing. This is an exercise you can do anywhere no matter the distractions.

My thoughts?

Well first thing I noticed is that it did help my mood. If you clear your mind of all the negativity and grudges, you leave room for positivity. It helped my anxiety. It helped me slow down and relax, I just focused on the rise and fall of my chest, instead of all the unknowns happening around me.

I think meditation is a great way to center yourself before you start your day. It connects your body to mind and sets your mood for the day. So many people wake up and GO, GO, GO. But I think slowing down to listen to your body is important.  You don’t need to do it for an hour, there is no time limit. Just 10 minutes could changed your day.