What’s In My Bag?!

What’s In My Bag?!


I know that many of us are guilty of carry around purses filled to the brim with clutter. My bag used to always be covered in receipts, loose change, and random earrings. BUT! I have created a list of MUST-HAVE items that help me keep my bag organized and clutter free.

1. My Phone:
My iPhone is one of the first things I always make sure is in my bag. I always change out my phone cases to match my outfit as well!!

2. My Wallet:
A girl can’t go shopping without her wallet! I also tend to change up my wallet… But the one I have been using lately is the Juicy Couture Quilted Nylon Continental Zip Wallet. Don’t forget your ID, money, and sephora beauty insider card!!

3. Gum, Chapstick, and lipgloss!!
You have to always be prepared! Ain’t nobody like chapped lips and stinky breath.

4. Travel size lotion, perfume, and hand sanitizer.
Just incase I ever get ashy or stinky!! Plus I am a bit of a freak when it comes to germs and sickness. I always sanitize after I leave somewhere.

5. KEYS!!
I think this one is pretty obvious.

6. Magazines
Just incase I ever am waiting somewhere or get bored. I like to have some magazines to entertain me!

7. Glasses!
I bring both a pair of sunglasses and my regular glasses. I have almost perfect vision but I do have a slight case of dyslexia. Make sure you ALWAYS have some sunglasses on hand! Even though I live in a city where it is practically always raining, you never know when some sun might peek through.

8. Makeup Bag
In my emergency makeup bag I carry my Essence blotting sheets, Fit Me pressed powder, Benefit They’re Real mascara, Milani Eye Tech eyeliner, MAC Real Polish luster gloss, MAC Pink Swoon blush, and a Eco Tools kabuki.

9. Lastly, I always bring a little notebook and a pen. You never know when you might meet someone who you want to give your number or blog address!!

Hope you enjoyed this post!! Maybe it even helped you clean out your bag! If you are looking for a new bag I would recommend yesstyle.com they have awesome bags!!