Is Meditation Worth The Hype?

Is Meditation Worth The Hype?

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Have you ever heard the phrase “clear your head” and thought to yourself “how the heck am I suppose to do that?” I always heard about meditation but I couldn’t really understand the concept. How could sitting in silence for 10 minutes really help that much?

My dad started meditating a year ago and he does it every morning for an hour. He told me that it has completely changed his mood and productivity throughout the day. So I thought “well what the heck, I’ll try it.” So I downloaded the Headspace app and started with just 10 minutes every morning for a week. The starting exercises are just listening to your breathing. This is an exercise you can do anywhere no matter the distractions.

My thoughts?

Well first thing I noticed is that it did help my mood. If you clear your mind of all the negativity and grudges, you leave room for positivity. It helped my anxiety. It helped me slow down and relax, I just focused on the rise and fall of my chest, instead of all the unknowns happening around me.

I think meditation is a great way to center yourself before you start your day. It connects your body to mind and sets your mood for the day. So many people wake up and GO, GO, GO. But I think slowing down to listen to your body is important.  You don’t need to do it for an hour, there is no time limit. Just 10 minutes could changed your day.

21 Things I’ve Learned You Can Control

21 Things I’ve Learned You Can Control


I recently turned 21! I cannot believe I am already 21, but I also feel like I have grown and changed so much from 20. Sometimes it feels like we cannot control anything in our life, but one of the best things I have learned is that we can. Here are 21 things you can control in your own life.

  1. What you eat
  2. What you think
  3. What you feel
  4. What you say
  5. Your motivation
  6. Who you give energy to
  7. What your priorities are
  8. How you treat your body
  9. How you treat others
  10. Music you listen to
  11. How much you sleep
  12. How you move your body
  13. Who you hangout with
  14. How you spend extra time
  15. Where you go in life
  16. How you dress
  17. How you decorate your body
  18. How clean your area is
  19. What smells you surround yourself with
  20. Who you give love to
2017 Fitness Favorites

2017 Fitness Favorites

“A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood.” 


1. The Skinny Confidential: This year I learned how important it is to live a balanced lifestyle. It’s not about diets, or crazy exercises, but about the big picture lifestyle. I learned that health is a marathon, not a race. This book has all kinds of great tips about health, exercise, and even beauty. 

2. Trimr Shaker Bottle: When it comes to working out, a shaker bottle is a must. Whether you are mixing your pre-workout or just drinking some water, this bottle is my favorite. I love that it has a straw but also a pop-up handle to carry it. It is BPA-free and 24 oz. 

3. Gymshark Flex Leggings: The things I love most about the gymshark leggings is that they have trustable material. When you go down for a squat, no one will be seeing anything! They also have a design that makes your butt look great!

4. C4 Pre-Workout: This pre-workout is 10/10 my favorite. It gives you that extra push to squat further or lift harder. It helps rebuild muscles too, so you will be less likely to tear anything. The blue raspberry is definitely the best flavor!

5. Fitbit Charge 2:  I have tried out a couple different fitness watches including the Polar A300, and an Apple Watch. I always resort back to my fitbit though. The interface is great and the app makes it so easy to track your information. You can also participate in challenges with your friends to see who can get the most steps! 

6. Nike Free Run Shoes: Nike’s most popular line of shoes would probably be the Free Runs. They are very reliable and comfortable, but still stylish! They come in many different colors and different generations. If you’re worried about the price, just get an earlier generation! 

7. Wireless Powerbeats: I definitely recommend getting a good pair of wireless headphones. I know that Boise makes a pair, but I have not tried those. The Beats ones are great though, they stay in your ears and have great sound quality. 

8. Women’s Best BCAA’s: If you have heard about BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) but never tried them, I highly recommend them! They are a group of amino acids that help with muscle mass building. If you drink BCAAs during your workout, it will help you not feel so sore the next day! They also taste great and provide good hydration. 

Saying Goodbye to 2017…

Saying Goodbye to 2017…

saying good

As we begin to wrap up the year of 2017, I think it is a good time to look back on it. Every year offers lessons taught through trial and error. The pitfalls of our lives make us who we are. I have been reading through Twitter and many people feel like 2017 was a terrible year. Bad things did happen, and trimatic events shook our nation. But throughout these events, we have begun to grow together and appreciate each other. The world may look on fire to some, but remember, a star is a burning ball of gas but beautiful still.


2017 for me was a growing year. It started out with a breakup from a relationship that had taken up multiple years of my life. This relationship taught me a lot, but the breakup taught me more. It gave me a chance to acquaint myself with who I was and who I wanted to be. In 2017 I ended my second year of college and started my third. I changed my major and found a new home. All these things were growing points for me, but I know that 2018 has even more to offer. Thinking back on 2017, I made so many new friends and lost some too. But I’ve learned that sometimes we have to let people go so we can make room for someone else.


Going into a new year, many people make resolutions about change. They make resolutions about starting new hobbies and tasks. I find that this tends to be unrealistic, instead focus on what you’re already doing and how you can improve. Starting all new things can be overwhelming, but small steps and shifts can be easier to manage. Look at the new year as a new chapter, full of all kinds of unknown adventures.

My Everyday Makeup Products 2015

My Everyday Makeup Products 2015

I love when I find products I love & I just get into a routine. I can wakeup & do my makeup in 10 minutes because I don’t have to waste time searching around! I recently have found a great everyday makeup routine & I thought I would share it with you! Please comment below any products you CANNOT live without!


1. Covergirl 3 in 1 Foundation
This foundation is amazing! It is about $7-$8 depending on where you go. It feels lightweight but it is definitely build able, I don’t even need concealer. It lasts about 8-10 hours. It does not cake up! I have dry-normal skin so I am not sure how it would work for oily skin.

2. Rimmel Stay Matte
I have been using this powder forever! I personally like the look of matte skin. But it can be hard for me to apply powder since I have dry skin. This powder does not cake up and it keeps your skin looking flawless. This is around $4.

3. Anastasia Contour Kit
Now this is the most expensive thing I use. I probably never would’ve boughten it for myself, but my lovely boyfriend got it for me. I absolutely love it. I use the first to contour colors and lightly apply them in the hollows of my checks, sides of my nose, and along my jawline. I also apply the banana powder under my eyes and use the shimmer powder to highlight the top of my cheekbones. Im literally obsessed.

4. NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder
This is a very good substitute for the brow kit from Benefit. It is only $6 and comes with two powders and a wax. Plus brushes! I usually just fill in my brows with the powders and then set it with the wax. It does all I need it too! I am not very picky when it comes to the brows.

5. MAC All That Glitters and Sable
My eyeshadow use to take me the longest time! But I have  been loving these two colors. It keeps everything simple but still gives you a very polished look. I just put  All That Glitters all over the lid and then sweep Sable into the crease. These are about $16.

6. Elizabeth Mott You’re So Fine Eyeliner
I love liquid eyeliner. It is the only thing I will use! I use to use the Wet ‘N Wild Megaliner, which is great! But in one of my Ipsy packages I got this liner! It applies very easily and looks bold. It stays on all day and doesn’t smudge when it rains. The brush can get a little crazy though, so just be careful when you put it in the bottle.

7. Covergirl Clump Crusher
I have very straight lashes that refuse to curl. But this mascara is basically a God. The brush really helps you get down to the roots and build from the bottom. It doesn’t make your lashes spidery and crushes the clumps! Any of the mascaras in the Lashblast line are amazing. This is about $5

8. Wet ‘N Wild MegaSlicks Balm Stain
For only $3 these lip stains are amazing. They literally stay on all day! I put this on in the morning, eat a bagel, drink some juice, and I still have the same lip color! I recommend the red one, Red-dy Or Not.

Friday Fit: Workout Playlist

Friday Fit: Workout Playlist

Honestly, working out is hard for me. I have been dancing most of my life and always considered that my form of exercise. But as I have gotten older I realized I need a bit more. It’s hard to find the drive! But as a dancer I have found music makes it 100 times better. I thought I would share with you my “GET PUMPED” playlist.

1. Rather Be – Clean Bandit feat Jess Glynne
2. Move Like U Stole It– ZZ Ward
3. Dont Be Gone Too Long– Chris Brown feat Ariana Grande
4. The Good Life – Chiddy Bang
5. Comeback– Ella Eyre
6. Just One Yesterday– Fall Out Boy
7. Worth It-Fifth Harmony
8. Cold Hearted-Glee
9. Upgrade U– Beyonce feat Jay Z
10. Lie A Little Better- Lucy Hale

Please comment any songs you love to workout to!

Must-Haves: Beach Bag Edition!

Must-Haves: Beach Bag Edition!

Spring is here! Which means the weather is warming up! Soon the beaches and pools will be crowded with people! If you are planning to go lay out in the sun you might want to think of bringing these items with!


1. BAG

You aren’t going to get very far without a bag to hold all your things!! Victoria Secret and Target always carry great bag options.


Your eyeballs are sensitive! You need to protect them at all times!


Along with protecting your eyes, you need to protect your skin. Those sun rays might feel good, but they’re damaging your skin. Layer on the sunscreen!


If you are walking around to the food carts or going to get some ice cream you might want to be covered up! A cute beach coverup is always a good thing to keep on hand.


Well, of course you need a swimsuit. It might not be in your beach bag if you’re already wearing it! These bikinis from TRIANGL have been all the rage!


You need headphones so you can plug in your music and zone out!


I personally love to bring some good girly magazines to look at while I am laying out! Books are always a good idea!


The sun is very dehydrating and so is the ocean! While the salt and the sun are pulling all the water out, you need to be putting it in!


What else will you lay on?!


I personally love chewing on some fruity gum! But bringing some healthy snacks is also a good idea. Pack some fruit & nuts before you leave the house!

Let me know what you pack in your beach/pool bag! ✷